Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

1501 Pike Place
Seattle, WA
United States

Every time I visit Seattle, my first destination is Pike Place Market, which is situated between the Puget Sound and downtown Seattle. You'll find fish mongers tossing today's catch, while vendors man their stands selling handmade jewelry, local produce and flowers. But the real treat is the plethora of shops offering fresh-made noms. The aroma from the Daily Dozen Doughnuts stand will draw you in like a magnet, you can taste the goods at Beecher's Handmade Cheese while watching the cheesemakers at work, and the Russian bakery Piroshky-Piroshky serves up their savory namesake stuffed with beef and onions. Sure, it's a tourist destination, but it's one place you simply won't mind being a tourist yourself!

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Curator Ryan Snyder

Ryan was raised in a funeral home, and consequently takes everything too seriously. Especially food. He doesn’t shy away from smoking 25 pounds of pork belly, nor from undertaking an intense year of “study” sessions to become a certified sommelier. He writes about charcuterie on Meat Club, and hosts recipes with his venture Foodgeeks.

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