You are in Seattle for 48 hours. This is where you will eat.

Curator Ryan Snyder

Ryan was raised in a funeral home, and consequently takes everything too seriously. Especially food. He doesn’t shy away from smoking 25 pounds of pork belly, nor from undertaking an intense year of “study” sessions to become a certified sommelier. He writes about charcuterie on Meat Club, and hosts recipes with his venture Foodgeeks.

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Seattle may be known for the Space Needle, the beauty of the Puget Sound, and the distant Mount Rainier. For me, the real landmarks are its food destinations. I have to start my food adventures at Pike Place Market, and let my belly lead me to the next stop. Salumi to the South? Le Pichet just to the north? Anchovies & Olives a little to the east? Dear Belly, where shall we venture next?

Pike Place Market

1501 Pike Place, Seattle, WA

Every time I visit Seattle, my first destination is Pike Place Market, which is situated between the Puget Sound and downtown Seattle. You'll find fish mongers tossing today's catch, while vendors man their stands selling handmade jewelry, local produce and flowers. ... more →

Brunch at Le Pichet

1933 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA

I heart house-made charcuterie. This French-inspired diner is walking distance from Pike Place Market, and is a great option for brunch. Take your pick of pork rillette or chicken liver terrine, a lovingly-prepared salad, and a gratin dish of jambon, eggs and ... more →

Sandwiches at Salumi

309 3rd Avenue South, Seattle, WA

Mario Batali's father created this house-cured charcuterie shop. It's open 4 days a week - Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 4pm - and at 11am there is a line that wraps around an entire street block. Trust me, it's worth the wait for a sopressata sandwich on a fresh ... more →

Casual Dinner at Anchovies & Olives

1550 15th Ave, Seattle, WA

If you're in the mood for seafood, you may not find a better place to enjoy it than at Anchovies & Olives. It's yet another restaurant by Seattle restaurateur Ethan Stowell, but this in particular is standout, as its concise and refined menu focuses not on salmon, ... more →

Mid-afternoon Noms at Oddfellows

1525 10th Avenue, Seattle, WA

It's mid-afternoon on rainy Seattle day and you need a reprieve from the Pacific Northwest consta-drizzle - go to Oddfellows. Its creaky wood floors, high ceilings and tall windows create a cozy atmosphere to listen to baristas steaming milk for your cappuccino ... more →

Brewskis at Naked City Taphouse

8564 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA

The Naked City Taphouse is a local beer geek's paradise. Here you'll find a rotating tap selection of Pacific Northwest-focused brews, and the servers can talk in-depth about each of the beers on the list. Naked City also delves into the art of brewing, which ... more →

Uwajimaya International District

600 5th Avenue South, Seattle, WA

Uwajimaya is a large Asian grocery that helped revitalize an entire section of downtown Seattle. The store itself is fairly massive, and features everything from an overflowing produce section, to an immense selection of sauces, to rice cookers and other household ... more →

Get Gussied Up for French Dining at Campagne

86 Pine St, Seattle, WA

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for great foie gras and Burgundian pinot noir, both of which have been know to skew my bias for a place. Campagne provides a quaint dining space near the Pike Place Market that is worthy of a special occasion meal. It serves up all ... more →