Cocktails at Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard

528 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA
United States

Bespectacled, vest-clad, pomade-slicked bar manager Jackson Cannon wrote the book on classic cocktails in Boston; he also probably letter-pressed, hand-stitched, and leather-bound it as well. Eastern Standard's drink menu reads like a restored artifact, straightforward and surreptitious in its thematics (Standards, Sparklers, Table-Sized, Tiki-isms, Mocktails, &c) and employing house-made infusions, syrups, bitters, elixirs. Of the many excellent cocktail geeks' options in Boston, Eastern Standard is worth a tipple—for the impressive cross-section of guests (it is in a hotel, after all), a perfectly graze-able brasserie menu, and a serious industry contingency (can you smell the Fernet?).

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Curator Christine Liu

Christine Liu careens around the city one darling bite at a time. Her writings on local food, drink and fashion have been published in The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Budget Travel and DailyCandy Boston. A resident of Somerville, Christine is often seen indulging her penchant for small pleasures, like squirting sriracha on noodles, sipping negronis at midnight, and taking her MacBook for refreshing little walks.

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