Northern Thai Delicacies at Huen Phen

Huen Phen

112 Ratchamanka Road
Phra Singh, Mueang Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai 50300

Lunch is open air seating out front, busy and loud. Dinner is in back, quiet and serene, surrounded by thousands of Thai handicrafts. You might wait a bit regardless of when you go, but it'll be worth it - the selection of Lanna (northern Thai) food is fantastic. The nam prik moo (crispy pork chili paste) is a great combination of heat and sweet. The Burmese pork curry is a succulent experience of silk and cinnamon, with large chunks of tender pork hanging off the bone.

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Curator Dietrich Ayala

Dietrich was an espresso jerk in Seattle, a catering chef in New Orleans, a dinner chef in Seattle, and finally hit rock bottom after buying a computer, which saddled him with an addiction to technology as well as food. He and his family live in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he eats unreasonably well during the day, and makes Firefox better at night.

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