Beers and Live Music at Sudsanan


30/1 Huai Kaeo Road
Chiang Mai 50300

Centrally located and yet so hard to find, Sudsanan is an old wooden house at the end of a dark unpaved driveway... just off one of Chiang Mai's busiest streets. A great Issan menu, live music just about every night after 8pm, and cozy pub feel all make for a nice place to meet friends and lose hours to idleness.

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Curator Dietrich Ayala

Dietrich was an espresso jerk in Seattle, a catering chef in New Orleans, a dinner chef in Seattle, and finally hit rock bottom after buying a computer, which saddled him with an addiction to technology as well as food. He and his family live in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he eats unreasonably well during the day, and makes Firefox better at night.

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