Poom Chai Gai Yang

Poom Chai Gai Yang

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital
8 Bunrueang Rit
Chiang Mai 50200

Sure, you can get a wing at carts all over town, but this place grills it up by the half bird, and it's so tasty you *want* it in bulk. The som tam is fresh, crisp, cold and not so spicy that your palate is seared. They close early - once we got there at 20:30 and the grill was already cold. The address is for Chiang Mai Ram hospital. Facing the hospital, walk left for about 100 yards - it's the bit entryway just past the 7-11. Yeah, the one with the giant grill covered with chicken.

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Curator Dietrich Ayala

Dietrich was an espresso jerk in Seattle, a catering chef in New Orleans, a dinner chef in Seattle, and finally hit rock bottom after buying a computer, which saddled him with an addiction to technology as well as food. He and his family live in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he eats unreasonably well during the day, and makes Firefox better at night.

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