Luke, a John Besh resto

Luke, a John Besh resto

333 Saint Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA
United States

Luke is by far the least wanky restaurant inside a Hilton Hotel I've ever been to. Prepared with a notable Louisiana twist, this is the French brasserie food we all imagined we'd be eating on our semester abroad in Paris that never happened due to reality and meager finances. Now that you're an adult, live the delusion. The belt driven fans, vintage tile and newspaper racks are just like the real thing, and the waiters at Luke are friendlier than those found in Montmatre. The charcuterie is varied and not to be missed, as is the happy hour where oysters are 50 cents and drinks half off. Two dozen on the half shell and at least three French 75's and you'll be well on your way to forgetting the pain of staying home that semester so you could finish up that minor in mathematics.

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Curator Crystal Beasley

Crystal is a designer who wanted to test gaming theory in the real world. So she created a Kickstarter project and raised $1,600 to build a pie cart. She baked her Granny's favorite pie recipes, and sold the slices after games of roshambo. Her next mission is to revolutionize the way women's jeans are made and sold at Qcut.

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