Brewskis at Naked City Taphouse

Naked City Taphouse

8564 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA
United States

The Naked City Taphouse is a local beer geek's paradise. Here you'll find a rotating tap selection of Pacific Northwest-focused brews, and the servers can talk in-depth about each of the beers on the list. Naked City also delves into the art of brewing, which allows you to choose from solid house-crafted brews and other hand-selected brews.

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Curator Ryan Snyder

Ryan was raised in a funeral home, and consequently takes everything too seriously. Especially food. He doesn’t shy away from smoking 25 pounds of pork belly, nor from undertaking an intense year of “study” sessions to become a certified sommelier. He writes about charcuterie on Meat Club, and hosts recipes with his venture Foodgeeks.

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