Late-Night at Hungry Mother

Hungry Mother

233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue
Cambridge, MA
United States

Boiled peanuts, salty-soft nibbles. Blackened little curlicues of tobacco onions. Pimiento cheese sandwiches tempered by dainty celery sticks and a fried pickled okra that nary got away. This tiny refuge for Southern-swayed appetites is a local obsession with its quietly genius beverage program, gratifying late-night menu until 12:30am, and mismatched dishes for kicks-grandma's-ass desserts (whatever it is, get it à la mode). If you’re tucking in for a serious dinner, reservations are wise; but we find that securing seats at the tiny bar is worth the gamble.

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Curator Christine Liu

Christine Liu careens around the city one darling bite at a time. Her writings on local food, drink and fashion have been published in The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Budget Travel and DailyCandy Boston. A resident of Somerville, Christine is often seen indulging her penchant for small pleasures, like squirting sriracha on noodles, sipping negronis at midnight, and taking her MacBook for refreshing little walks.

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