930 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, LA
United States

"The other white meat" may be most denigrating description of pork ever. It boggles the mind that such obfuscation and chicanery was used to sell the most versatile and succulent of meats. Thankfully, among the gourmets, gourmands, and gluttons the sweet blob of pink on four cloven hoofs has never gone out of fashion. Cochon is Chef Donald Link's salute to those who consume swine from snout to tail, less the oink. The cuisine can be best described as high Cajun and all of southern Louisiana critters make an appearance on the menu at one point in time or another. This is a place to indulge yourself in New Orleans unofficial moto, "have another," whether it be another piece of head cheese, a bite of pickled watermellon rind, or two fingers worth of any of the fine whiskeys they stock.

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Curator Crystal Beasley

Crystal is a designer who wanted to test gaming theory in the real world. So she created a Kickstarter project and raised $1,600 to build a pie cart. She baked her Granny's favorite pie recipes, and sold the slices after games of roshambo. Her next mission is to revolutionize the way women's jeans are made and sold at Qcut.

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